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Alcohol Free Zones


Council considered at its March 1st 2016 Engineering Services meeting to re-establish alcohol free zones in Parker Street between Mackay and O’Donnell Streets, Adams Street between Cooper Lane and Parker Street, Wallendoon Street between Parker Lane and Hovell Street, Hovell Street between Wallendoon and Mackay Streets, and in Hovell Lane between Wallendoon and Mackay Streets.  A copy of the map may be viewed on Council website at

Therefore, notice is hereby given under Section 644 of the Local Government Act that Council proposes to re-establish the above alcohol free zones.  If accepted after due process, it is intended to re-establish the Alcohol Free Zones for a further four year period.

A public consultation period applies to the establishment of alcohol free zones, therefore interested parties are invited to make representations or objections about this proposal. These representations or objections must be received in writing by Council within 30 days of the date of this notice.

Ken Trethewey