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Health Services & Assistance Programs


CanTeen provide psychosocial support to young people who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  

CanTeen supports 12 – 24 year olds who;

- Have cancer themselves

- Have a sibling, or parent with cancer

- Have a sibling or parent that has died from cancer

Research shows that each of these groups demonstrates distress levels 5-6 times higher than those of their average peers, on measures relating to anxiety and depression.

The ACT & Southern NSW Division Office is based in Canberra and services regional southern NSW.   

Peer support

Through CanTeen, young people affected by cancer can meet and be supported by others their age who also understand what they’re going through. They can share experiences through our online community or attend CanTeen Camps or Recreation Days, where they can make new friends, develop coping skills and have a lot of fun.


CanTeen’s counsellors give young people a safe space to talk about difficult thoughts and feelings and help them develop coping strategies. Sadness, anxiety and grief don’t stick to business hours so neither do we. Online and phone counselling is available seven days a week.

Information and advice

CanTeen has information and advice about the challenges young people face, from how to talk to friends about cancer to what all the medical jargon means. They can find answers at where they can also download or order books tailored to their specific cancer experience.

To order hard copy resources for your service you can go to the website link below and they will be delivered directly to you.

Alternatively you can google ‘canteen’ and ‘resources’.

Youth Cancer Services

Funded by CanTeen as well as Federal, State and Territory health departments, the Youth Cancer Services provide specialist, age-appropriate medical treatment and psychological support for young people with cancer.

Online support

CanTeen provides world-leading online support for young people living with cancer. At, they have 24/7 access to a secure online community just for young people like them and can chat to a counsellor using instant messaging or email.

Leadership development

CanTeen is passionate about empowerment and is proud to have young people providing direction and advice at all levels of the organisation, including the Board of Directors.