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Local Emergency Management

Cootamundra Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC)

The Local Emergency Management Committee is responsible for the preparation of plans in relation to the prevention of, preparation for, response to, and recovery from emergencies in the Cootamundra Shire Local Government Area.

For information about the NSW State Emergency Management Structure visit the Ministry of Police and Emergency Services website. (

The State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989  ( recognises that the involvement of Local Government in all stages of an emergency is critical. Council is required to provide executive support facilities for the LEMC and the Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON) (Senior Police Officer) and this support is provided by a senior officer of Council who is known as the Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO).

The Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO) is Greg Ewings (Cootamundra Shire Council).

The Chairman of the LEMC is Kate Monaghan (Cootamundra Shire Council).

The Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON) is Peter Wanczura (NSW Police)

In Cootamundra Shire, the local committee meet three - four times a year and is made up as follows.

From L to R: (backrow) LEOCON Peter Wanczura, Elan Palmer, Greg Ewings, Frank Brown, Jonathan Berryman, Des Rowe, David Wilson, Les Carr, Garry Tye

(front row) Stephen Pollard, Kate Monaghan and Shirin Baxter.

Local Emergency Management Committee Documents

Cootamundra Local Disaster Plan

(LEMC) Meetings, Minutes and Annual Activity Reports




Minutes LEMC Meeting 8 October 2014

Minutes LEMC Meeting 11 June 2014

Minutes LEMC Meeting 5 February 2014


Minutes LEMC Meeting 7 August 2013

Minutes LEMC Meeting 6 February 2013

Annual Activity Reports

Cootamundra Shire LEMC Annual Activity Report for 2013-14

Cootamundra Shire LEMC Annual Activity Report for 2012-13

Neighbourhood Safer Places

Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSPs) are sites that can provide a higher level of protection from immediate life-threatening effects of a bushfire.

The Rural Fire Service states that NSPs are places to be used in an absolute emergency and still entail some risk, both in moving to them and while sheltering in them. While they are not to be considered completely safe, they may afford some protection from radiant heat.

A full listing of NSPs in Cootamundra Shire Council is available on the Rural Fire Service Website (hyperlink to )