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Executive Services Division

General Manager - Mr. Ken Trethewey

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Ken was brought up in Melbourne and left home at 16 to work in the building industry.

He then spent four years as a Meat Inspector with the Commonwealth Government before returning to study in South Australia at 25.

This involved firstly Theology, and then Health and Building Surveying. Ken entered Local Government in South Australia at 30 and after 8 years moved to New South Wales and added the Town Planning role whilst holding a Director's position for the next 11 years.

Ken has now been in the General Manager's role at Cootamundra for 5 years, during which he has overseen a focus on strategic planning, provision of service to the community and improved productivity in the whole of Council's operations.

Ken is married with three adult children and has been resident in Cootamundra for the past 17 years. Outside of work his interests include architecture, garden design and gardening, history, philosophy and religion, and classic Jaguars.


Functional Areas and Specific Functions (Services)

Cootamundra Development Corporation, Strategic Plan, Council, Committees, Legal, LGSA, REROC, Sister Cities