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Policy Register

This Policy Register provides information regarding the directions in which Council would like to go and some of the decisions Council has made to achieve these directions.

It should always be remembered that this is a dynamic document and is designed to change in line with changing circumstances and alterations in Council's plans and intentions. Certainly, Council's Policies are meant to be tools in achieving its aims for the Community, not impediments to its effective service to its citizens.

Cootamundra Shire Council Policy Register

Adopted CGRC Policies - from 12th May 2016

Governance and Business Systems

Code of Meeting Practice

Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure

Expenses and the Provision of Facilities for Councillors

Internal Reporting Policy

Human Resources

Staff Grievance resolution Policy and Procedure

Employee Assistant Policy

WH&S and Risk Management

Footpath Inspection Policy

Model Asbestos Policy