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Administrator - Stephen Sykes

Stephen has a diverse set of skills gained in undertaking a variety of roles in both the private and public sector. He has a highly recognised skill in policy and project co-ordination exploring options that are outside the square, encouraging creativity and excellence in a team environment.


Stephen was recently appointed Administrator to the merged Cootamundra – Gundagai Regional Council, by the NSW Minister for Local Government until September 2017. He is also on the Ministerial Advisory Committee providing support to the introduction of the container deposit scheme in NSW.  Previously Stephen was a Director at Orange City managing a variety of Divisions - encompassing responsibilities from human to environmental services and governance.


Stephen chaired waste, tourism, international aid and cross city promotion boards at state, regional and national levels. As Chair he undertook lobbying, high level political representation, and national and international conference presentation.


Orange City Council is a sister city to Mount Hagen in Papua New Guinea; Stephen was tasked with managing and coordinating this relationship. This role was largely voluntary and allowed him to grow the relationship into a strong capacity building arrangement supporting an improved lifestyle for the Mt Hagen community as well as building skills in Orange Council, in international communities and encouraging similar twinning relationships. In 2014 he was awarded the Logohu Medal for services to PNG.


In the private sector he has established and managed a business consulting to government and previously a tourist development; with primary responsibility for broad service delivery, business oversight and marketing.


His Masters Degree focussed on inter-organisational collaboration critical in leading a number of regional and international collaborations, as well as guest roles in course design and lecturing at Charles Sturt University in the undergraduate and Masters programme.

Stephen listens, is outcome focussed and passionate about improving community outcomes.


Stephen Sykes, BSoc.Sc (UNE) MBA Government (CSU) L.M. (PNG)