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Cootamundra Waste Transfer Station

Opened in late September 2005, the Waste Transfer Station has been designed to receive the town's putrescible waste, which is then compacted into a haulage trailer for delivery to the Bald Hill landfill site in Jugiong. The transfer of waste to the Bald Hill site is an initiative of the South West Regional Waste Management Group which involves several surrounding councils. This initiative will significantly reduce the number of landfill sites required in the south west region, therefore promoting environmental sustainability for several Shires.

Cootamundra transfers approximately 20.2 tonnes of putrescible waste in each trailer load that leaves the Transfer Station. Currently we are averaging seven trailer loads of putrescible waste transferred to Bald Hill each fortnight. This equates to approximately 141.4 tonnes of waste being processed per fortnight.

There is also a recycling facility at the waste depot and it is a goal of Council to increase recycling within the Shire, thereby decreasing the volume of rubbish processed by the Transfer Station and placed in landfills. This will have a positive impact on the environment and promote financial savings for Council.