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The Cootamundra district has enjoyed a healthy share of prosperity since its earliest days, spurred on by the wealth of the land - a broad, fertile valley suitable for any number of agricultural pursuits.

Being centrally located in the Riverina region, on the South West Slopes of NSW, about four hours drive from Sydney, and less than two hours to Canberra, we're well positioned for future growth.

Cootamundra has always been a vibrant, happening place, progressing at a pace the community feels happy with, and always looking to the future without abandoning the past. We have the essential excellent transport links (roads, rail and air) with capital cities and regional centres. ie: Sutherlands Transport

Cootamundra Shire Council is progressive in providing and up-grading community assets to maintain a high quality of life. Affordable residential estates encourage families to stay. The council also promotes continued growth and expansion of existing and new industries through the availablity of low-cost, fully serviced sites.

Council and the community welcome tourists with much of the essential tourism infrastructure already in place. And last but not least, our heritage, our traditions, our continuing link with the pastoral sector, ensures the quality of our country lifestyle continues to flourish.

Public Toilet Locations

Cootamundra has many toilets available to the general public.

Child Window Safety

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Food Safety

Cootamundra Shire Council is a category B food "Enforcement Agency" under the NSW Food Act 2003.



Barking Dogs, Noise Pollution, Dividing Fences, Swimming Pools & Spas are all issues which may effect relationsh...

Information and Services

Contains State of the Environment Report, Urban Salinity Management Plan, REROC Services etc

Keeping Pets

Keeping of Animals Policy

Cootamundra Shire Council has adopted a policy that seeks to inform the community of C...

Water Restrictions


Goldenfields Water has decided not to impose Level A restrictions during day...

Water Rebates

By 30 September 2011 around 330,000 rebates have been provided to NSW households to make them more energy and water efficient. This re...

Public Toilet Study

Council has undertaken a comprehensive study and has produced a 20 year forward plan for the provisi...


The Murrumbidgee CMA was established in January 2004 to ensure local people could have their say in natural resource...