Cootamundra Shire Council is a category B food "Enforcement Agency" under the NSW Food Act 2003.

It is the responsibility of Council as Category B "Enforcement Agency" to:-

  1. Undertake food recall investigations
  2. Undertake routine inspections and enforcement of the retail and food service sector
  3. Undertake medium and low risk food complaint investigations
  4. Collaborate on single-case food borne illness investigations
  5. Respond to an imminent threat to public health and safety or health and safety or health of any individual in connection with food, where declared by the Authority
  6. Reporting on food regulations activities including legal proceedings

Food Obligations

It is the responsibility of a food business to:-

  1. Notify Council and the NSW Food Authority of the business details
  2. ensure a Food Safety Supervisor has been appointed (if applicable)
  3. Ensure that the food business premise is designed and maintained in a state that minimises the opportunities for food contamination
  4. Ensure that food handlers act in a manner that ensures food products prepared for sale to the public does not become unsafe or unsuitable for consumption

For further information on food safety visit the

NSW Food Authority Website