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Business Notification

All food businesses in NSW must either:

  • Hold a current NSW Food Authority licence (this applies only to specific food businesses in sectors covered by a Regulation under the Food Act 2003; or
  • Notify the Authority of their food activity details. This applies to almost all other food businesses and includes those involved in temporary events and businesses which sell any sort of food or food ingredient as any part of their business. It is required by national food law (Food Safety Standard 3.2.2)

Food Businesses need to keep their notification up to date if any of their details change, so it's a good idea to keep the reference number and password handy.

Notification of food businesses allows the Authority to maintain a close relationship with all businesses. For example, it means we can keep you informed and updated on changes to food legislation.

Owners/Managers can notify their business by either of the following three ways:

  1. Internet: Submit your notification and keep it updated via the Internet. It is fast, free of charge and provides you with an instant certificate of confirmation. Follow instructions on how to complete your notification online at Print out and keep the last page which will contain your reference number and password.
  2. Paper form: Relevant paper forms can be submitted to the Authority directly. All paper forms incur a processing charge of $55.00 (GST included). Contact the Authority's Food Notification Help Desk on 1300 650 124 to obtain a form.
  3. Council: Complete the relevant paper forms and submit to the Council for online processing. All paper forms incur a processing charge of $55.00 (GST included).

There are significant fines for failing to be notified as a food business before trading commences. Since April 2004, new fines have been imposed, including up to $55,000 (maximum penalty) for single businesses and $275,000 (maximum penalty) for corporations (Section 100, NSW Food Act 2003).

If you are not sure whether you have notified your food business, or you can't find your Food Business Confirmation Reference Number, please contact the Authority's Food Notification Help Desk on 1300 650 124.