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Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils

REROC'S Vision "An environment in which autonomous councils work together for the benefit of their local communities and the region as a whole."

REROC incorporates 13 Local Government Areas (LGAs) located in the eastern Riverina, covering 41,000 sq. Kms and a population of approximately 120,000.

Those LGAs are Bland, Coolamon, Cootamundra, Culcairn, Gundagai, Holbrook, Junee, Lockhart, Temora, Tumbarumba, Tumut, Urana and Wagga Wagga. Goldenfields and Riverina Water County Councils are also members of REROC.


  • To participate in activities which promote effective regional development.
  • To enhance the collective status of Local Government within the eastern Riverina.
  • To provide an additional avenue to secure and implement externally sourced funding on agreed projects or programs.
  • To promote a sense of regional community within the eastern Riverina to enhance the ability to achieve outcomes within this broader community while respecting the diversity of aspirations and importance of the individual communities included.
  • To promote co-operation between constituent Councils and to realise opportunities for greater efficiency in service delivery where appropriate through sharing of human, financial and capital resources.
  • To provide a mechanism to share expertise and ideas and to promote innovation between constituent Councils.
  • To facilitate regional planning on a range of environmental, economic, social, and infrastructure issues.
  • To advance the interests of the region covered by the member Councils and organisations.
  • To generate the funds necessary to enable REROC to achieve its strategic goals.

How is REROC funded

REROC is funded through membership fees from the 15 councils.

In 1998, REROC won a national award for Innovation in Local Government. In 1999, REROC received a $100,000 grant through the Local Government Development Programme for a centralised mapping project as well as taking out a State Award for innovation in Environmental Management.

Main Activities

The activities of REROC fall into three main areas: resources sharing initiatives, identifying regional solutions for local problems and lobbying activities.

Resource Sharing Initiatives:

This is a high priority activity for REROC. Resource sharing aims to provide ways in which members can work together to provide a more effective and efficient service for their constituents.

Initiatives to date include:

Group purchasing - savings gained through group purchasing of electricity, bitumen emulsion and photocopy paper supply.

Human Resource Initiatives - Register of Temporary Employment, Training Needs Identification, Staff Training and Video Training Library.

Sharing Resources and Information - REROC Website, Regional Policy Development and GST Implementation.

Regional Solutions for Local Problems:

REROC has looked at a number of local problems that lend themselves to a regional solution. Projects have included :

- Eastern Riverina Waste Management Strategy - Telecommunications Feasibility Study - Urban Stormwater Management Plans - On-site Sewage Management Plans - Riverina Community Information Database - Centralised GIS and Integrated GPS Project - RTA Single Invitation Contracts

Regional Development - REROC works with individual Councils and the RRDB to promote the region to industry and business.

Lobbying Activities:

REROC responds in a proactive way to issues of concern within the region. Submissions, representations to inquiries, letters to politicians, government departments and organisations are all part of REROC's lobbying activities. Lobbying activities have addressed the following issues: - Health Services - Senate Inquiry into Regional Employment and Unemployment - Country Link Rail Services - Telecommunications - National Competition Policy - Mobile Telephony - Work Cover Code of Practice for Working Near Traffic and Mobile Plant - Electricity - Rural Fire Service

Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC)

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