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Keeping Pets

Keeping of Animals Policy

Cootamundra Shire Council has adopted a policy that seeks to inform the community of Council's regulatory powers concerning the keeping of animals in the urban environment.

The Policy aims to:

  • Minimise the incidence of nuisance being caused to persons;
  • Protect the welfare of companion and farm animals;
  • Protect the welfare and habitat of wildlife; and
  • Minimise the disturbance of or damage to protected vegetation.

It is well documented that the keeping of companion animals and/or pet animals can be most beneficial to the well-being of people. Nevertheless, on occasions, complaints are made to Council where animals of an inappropriate species or number are being kept or where the animals and their accommodation are not being cared for properly.

This policy informs the reasonable limits (both statutory and advisory) which apply concerning the maximum number of animals and the circumstances under which they may be kept on premises.

Responsible ownership is a very important component of nuisance control and this document also contains advice to the animal owner regarding their responsibilities to prevent a nuisance from occurring.


Pets are welcome in the Cootamundra Shire area.

Cootamundra Shire Council recognises that many people enjoy the companionship of various kinds of pets.

Pet ownership also brings with it a number of responsibilities. To ensure pets are not a nuisance to the community or other animals, owners are required to make sure they respect the Companion Animals Act 1998.

For any queries relating to the keeping of pets in the Council area, or for animal shelter inquiries, please contact Council on 0269402100 or Glen McAtear on 0428 288478.

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Fees & Charges

Microchipping and registering your cat or dog

Registering your cat or dog in NSW is a two-step process. The first step involves ensuring that your cat or dog is microchipped by 12 weeks of age or before being sold or given away.

The second step involves lifetime-registering your cat or dog with council before it is six months of age. This enables you to have your cat or dog desexed before registration, so that you can pay the lower lifetime-registration fee.

How much will it cost to register my cat or dog?

Any person wishing to register a dog or cat can do so at the Council Chambers on the corner of Wallendoon & Cooper Streets during business hours.

You will need to have the animal microchipped PRIOR to registration and bring with you any necessary documentation such as microchip details, sterilisation certificate, breeder's card or pension card. Please note that microchipping is not registration.

From 1 July, 2016:

The new fee structure set down by the State Government is as follows:

  • $195 for an entire cat or dog (that is, not desexed)

  • $53 for desexed dog or cat

  • $22 for eligible pensioners, only if the dog or cat is desexed

  • $53 for an animal that is not desexed and kept by a recognised breeder for breeding purposes

  • $26.50 for a desexed animal purchased from a Council pound or animal shelter

Animal Pound & Ranger Information 

If your animal is impounded, it will be kept for 14 days if the animal is microchipped, if the animal is not microchipped and nobody has come forward to claim ownership, then the animal can only be kept for 7 days. All animals that are suitable for re-homing are advertised on website and through the Cootamundra Herald.

Animals can be released between the hours of 9.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday (Public Holidays excluded) by contracting the Office on 69402100.

Release fees have to be paid at the Council Office before any animal can be released. If the animal is not registered, it has to be microchipped and registered as part of the release. If a dog has multiple impoundings "on the spot" fines will be applied.

To retrieve your animal from the pound you will also need to provide suitable personal identification; eg drivers licence, breeder's card, pension card and any other appropriate documentation for your animal eg sterilisation certificate, microchipping form.

It is an offence to steal, remove or rescue any animal from a pound.

Impounded Companion Animals

  • Microchipping of Impounded Animal Only $20.00

  • Release fee from Pound (1st time) $25.00

  • Subsequent impounding within 12 months of the first, release fee  $55.00

  • Maintenance (per day or part thereof) $15.00

  • Surrender a Companion Animal $ 100.00

  • Euthanasia Fee – includes Vets cost and Pound Release Fee - At Cost 


Dog owners have a particular responsibility to ensure their pets are not a nuisance.

The requirements for owning and keeping a dog are clearly set out in the Companion Animals Act 1998.

Registration, Off-Leash Areas, Barking, General Care, Lost & Found.

  • Microchip your dog at 12 weeks of age or point of sale/exchange, whichever comes first.
  • Register your dog by 6 months of age. 
  • Walk your dog on a lead, except in "off leash" areas.
  • Keep your dog quiet.
  • Keep your dog in your yard.
  • Keep our public places clean.
  • Don't let your dog attack or frighten people or animals. Remember, dogs left in the back of open utility vehicles in public must be tethered in such a way as to prevent them from attacking or worrying any person passing by.
  • You must not take a dog within 10 metres of any playground apparatus located in a public place or apparatus used for the preparation or consumption of food by humans.

Also, you must not take your dog into school grounds or child care centres. Breaches of the requirements of the Act may result in a fine.

Fines range from $110.00 on the spot, up to a possible court imposed fine of $11,000.00.

Council's Rangers and The Compliance Officer handle enquires regarding the following animal issues:

  • Roaming/straying dogs
  • Dogs off leash
  • Barking dogs
  • Dogs in prohibited areas eg School grounds, children's playgrounds, food preparation areas.
  • Nuisance dogs/cats
  • Dog attacks

Information can be telephoned through to Council's Office on (02) 69 402100.


Rangers undertake regular patrols of Cootamundra and surrounding villages to monitor animal management issues. Rangers do not pick up stray dogs after hours.

Rangers can be contacted on 0417 465228.





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