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Companion Animal Audit


New Gundagai Council helping owners to keep track of their pets

Gundagai Council has reported a surge in animal registrations and updates during the last month that will see more lost pets reunited with their worried owners.  

Administrator Christine Ferguson said that there have been over 140 additional animal registrations and over 200 updates to the register since the new council was commenced.  This represents an increase in Registrations of over 700%. 

While the majority of the work has been undertaken in and by staff based in Cootamundra the new Council is now in a position to share this success between the former councils.

“The ability to share expertise and a larger stronger workforce will allow rangers in both Gundagai and Cootamundra to educate the community more on the importance of registering animals,” said Mrs Ferguson.

“Pets are important in many people’s lives and being a pet owner is extremely rewarding, but it’s also a big responsibility. As well as caring for a companion, owners are liable for their pet’s behaviour and registration.’

“It is great that the council now has more resources to inform pet owners of their obligations in taking care of their animals by encouraging them to act responsibly by microchipping them.’

“Microchipping is the best way you can ensure you are reunited if you lose your pet and it could also potentially save their life because the microchip lets authorities know who the pet belong to,” said Mrs Ferguson.

“As well as microchipping your pet, if you move home, your pet passes away or is given to another person, it is the Owners responsibility to notify Council so that the Register can be updated.

Mrs Ferguson said council’s animal Rangers impounded 203 dogs and 21 cats last year mostly found wandering the streets.

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08 July 2016




Council has recently conducted an audit in regard to unregistered dogs and cats.  As a result many people in our Shire have recently received correspondence in regard to animals that they own that are microchipped but not registered. 

Council appreciates that some of these animals are no longer in the possession of the person that identified the Animal but it is this persons responsibility to advise Council of any change of circumstance. It is an offence under The Companion Animals Act not to advise Council of these changes.

Lifetime registration fees are

Non Desexed dog or cat     $192.00

Desexed dog or cat $52.00

Desexed dog or cat where owner possesses a pension card  $21.00

Proof will be required in regard to desexing .