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Noise Pollution

Find out information regarding Noise Pollution Noise - The Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997

Not to operate between the following hours:

Power tools & equipment (powered garden tools eg lawn mowers, leaf blowers; electric or pneumatic tools, chainsaw or circular saw, gas or air compressor, swimming pool or spa pump). 8pm - 7am weekdays and Saturday 8pm - 8am Sundays & public holidays

Musical instruments and sound equipment (radio, TV, tape recorder, record or compact disc player, public address system or computer games) 12 midnight to 8am Friday, Saturday or any day preceeding a public holiday, 10pm to 8am on Weekdays.

Domestic air-conditioners 10pm - 7am weekdays 10pm - 8am weekends & public holidays

Motor Vehicles (except when entering or leaving residential premises) 8pm - 7am weekdays 8pm - 8am weekends & public holidays

Refrigeration unit fitted to a motor vehicle 8pm - 7am weekdays 8pm - 8am weekends & public holidays

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