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Asbestos Awareness

With asbestos-related diseases continuing to increase among Australians as a direct result of exposure to asbestos fibres during home renovations and maintenance, the importance of raising awareness about the dangers of asbestos and how best to manage it in and around homes and on properties, cannot be overstated!

Do you know where asbestos might be found in your home?

 Do you kNOw that if your home was built or renovated before 1987 there is a high likelihood that it WILL contain asbestos products in one form or another?

2. Do you kNOw that even if your home is constructed of BRICK that it might contain asbestos?

3. Do you kNOw WHERE you might find asbestos products in your home?

4. Do you kNOw that asbestos was used in the manufacture of MANY building and home decorator products including carpet underlay and wall and floor tiles?

5. Do you kNOw that asbestos might be found in and around ONE IN THREE Australian homes?

6. Do you kNOw that if you disturb products containing asbestos you RISK INHALING asbestos fibres?

7. Do you kNOw the diseases that asbestos fibres can cause, and that they CAN BE FATAL?

8. Do you kNOw how to IDENTIFY asbestos products?

9. Do you kNOw the PRECAUTIONS you need to take when working with asbestos?

10. Do you kNOw how to DISPOSE of asbestos safely and legally?

If you said NO to ANY of the above you are not alone! Most Australians don’t realise where asbestos might be found in their homes and the risks they take when disturbing it during renovations or maintenance.

Many wrongly believe ONLY fibro homes contain asbestos. Asbestos products can most likely be found in ANY Australian home built or renovated before 1987 even brick, weatherboard, fibro and clad homes.

Asbestos can be found under floor coverings such as carpets, linoleum and vinyl tiles, behind wall and floor tiles, in cement floors, internal and external walls, ceilings and ceiling space (insulation), eaves, garages, around hot water pipes, fences, extensions to homes, outdoor toilets, dog kennels and backyard sheds…it could be anywhere!

It’s vital Australians take the warnings seriously, stop playing ‘renovation roulette’, protect themselves from asbestos fibre exposure and before renovating, visit