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Plumbing and Drainage

Cootamundra Shire Council is the regulator of plumbing and drainage in the Cootamundra Shire LGA by way of delegation provided by NSW Fair Trading. This means that together with NSW Fair Trading we work with the plumbing industry to ensure that all plumbing and drainage is carried out in accordance with the relevant standards.

All plumbing and drainage work carried out in the Cootamundra Shire must comply with the current version of the Plumbing Code of Australia and Australia Standard AS/NZS 3500 and all work must be undertaken by a NSW licensed plumber.

Generally Council accepts the responsibility, upon notification of fault, for maintenance, repair or renewal of the water service pipework from our water main to the meter and from our sewer main to the connection point within your property. The property owner is responsible for all maintenance within the property from the water meter and sewer connection point.

Connection to Council's Potable Water Supply (Cootamundra Township Only)

If your proposal is in an area that has reticulated water available and you need to connect to that supply it will be necessary to complete an Application for Connection to Water / Sewer and submit the application to Council together with the prescribed fee. This fee is determined by the size/diameter of the connection required. Once the application has been submitted and determined Council will then provide a metered connection to the site.

For access and information concerning potable water supplies outside of the Cootamundra Town limits please contact Goldenfields Water County Council.

Approval to Connect/Carry Out Plumbing or Drainage Work

You need to obtain Council approval if you are planning to connect or disconnect from any of Council's sewer, stormwater or water systems or if you intend to carry out any work which may affect its system. This includes any major or minor works such as those plumbing and drainage works involved with minor alterations, renovations, additions or the relocation of an existing drainage line. Council approval is also required for plumbing work being carried out on properties connected to On-site Waste Management Systems (Septic Systems).

To obtain approval to undertake such work the owner of a property must complete an Application for Plumbing and Drainage Work on Private Land and submit the completed application form to Council together with the prescribed fees. Once an approval is granted for the requested work an approval notice will be issued together with a number of conditions specific to the work being proposed. These conditions will also identify the stages to which inspections will be required to be undertaken prior to the covering or backfilling of the work.

Notice of Work (NoW)

It should also be noted that once you have obtained an approval and in addition to approval for plumbing and drainage work being required, prior to carrying out plumbing and/or drainage work the licensee engaged to carry out such work must apply for a Notice of Work. The requirement to obtain this permit will also be a condition of your approval to carry out the work.

A Notice of Work must be lodged with Council no later than 2 business days before the work concerned is carried out.


Bookings for inspections may be arranged by telephoning the Council. Before booking an inspection please ensure that a plumbing permit to do the work has been obtained from Council by the contractor.

What work should I book an inspection for?

You must book an inspection for the following prior to covering or backfilling:

All external drainage including the point of connection to Councils sewer

All drainage (internal and external) including trade waste

Water rough in

Stack work

Alterations and additions to existing water and drainage

Connections to stormwater systems

Sealing of disused services (water and sewer)

Work that did not comply with an earlier inspection

Any work on recycled water plumbing

Any work relating to the modification of an on-site sewage management system

Land application areas associated with on-site sewage management systems

Final inspection at the completion of work and prior to premises being occupied

How to book an inspection?

You can book an inspection by calling (02) 9640 2100 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Mondays to Fridays. Bookings for inspections can be made up until 10.00am on the day the inspection is required, or for morning inspections bookings are required the at least the day before you need the inspection.

Should a specific time be required for any inspection please ask to speak with one of Council's building officers to arrange such a time.

To arrange or book an inspection by phone it will be necessary to have the following information ready:

The approval number for the work DA/CDC if applicable

The owner's name

Job site address

The type of inspection required e.g. internal drainage, water rough in

The date the inspection is required

Preferred time of the inspection

The name of the person requiring the inspection and their contact number

Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

The person responsible for carrying out plumbing and drainage work is required to submit, to both Council and the person for whom the work was carried out, a Certificate of Compliance in an approved form that certifies the plumbing and drainage work undertaken is code compliant.

Sewer Service Diagram (SSD)

Under the provisions of the Plumbing and Drainage Act, upon completion of any plumbing and drainage work that consists of or includes sanitary drainage work, the licenced contractor who is responsible for the work must supply a Sewer Service Diagram in an approved A4 or A3 format to both the Council and the owner of the land or owners agent.

Point of Connection explanatory notes

Application for Connection to Water/Sewer

Sewer Service Diagram requirements

Quick Reference guide to Sewer Service Diagrams

Application for Plumbing and Drainage Work on Private Land

Notice of Work & Certificate of Compliance

Guideline to install code compliant plumbing work

Sewer Service Diagram Template A4

Sewer Service Diagram Template A3


Septic Tanks

Information on Installing, Constructing or Altering Septic/Sewerage Management Systems.

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