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Cootamundra Maps

Cootamundra Town Map

View the local town map below.



Town Tracks

Establishing safe walking routes that are accessible to all members of the community.

The Town Tracks project is an innovative approach to addressing the problem of low levels of physical activity in rural and remote settings. The project targets walking as an enjoyable physical activity and a great form of exercise, which can assist individuals or community groups to achieve the suitable energy expenditure, or to achieve or maintain weight loss and reach the Australian physical activity recommendations.

Town Tracks.pdf 


Off Leash Dog Area

Cootamundra has an area of town specifically allocation for walkers to let their dogs off the leash.  the map is attached below.

off leash dog area.pdf


Rotary Tourist Drives

Drives out from Cootamundra will take you through interesting and picturesque rich farmland where often many farming activities which vary with the season, can be viewed from the road The countryside will change with the seasons and with morning or evening light. There are several nearby villages each with its own character and special attractions. There are Nature Reserves and Parks and as well as some old private homesteads. There are great places to bushwalk or bird watch. Prepared by the Rotary club of Cootamundra as a community service.

rotary drives.pdf 


Shire Map

Includes Map of Shire Boundaries


Location of Public Toilets in Cootamundra Shire

Public Toilets in Cootamundra 


Cootamundra Town & Villages Map

Includes Stockinbingal and Wallendbeen Villages

Cootamundra & Villages Map.pdf 


Cootamundra Shire Boundaries Map

Shire Boundary including villiages

Shire Map.pdf 


B Double Routes

B Double Routes