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Captains' Walk

Captains' Walk

Jubilee Park, Wallendoon Street.

Unique to Cootamundra, features 42 bronze sculptures of Australian TestCricket Captains, along with Unaarrimim the leading aboriginal player in the first Australian cricket team to tour England in 1868.  

Cootamundra has strong connections with two Australian test cricket captains, being the birthplace of Sir Donald Bradman and a former home of Bill Murdoch.  Their careers led to a special interest in cricket among the people of Cootamundra, which still prevails, with Cootamundra boasting 9 Cricket Ovals with 3 turf wickets.

With the endorsement of the Australian Cricket Board, the Cootamundra Shire Council has established The Captains' Walk. This has also been approved by the NSW Tourist Attraction Signposting Assessment Committee as an approved Tourist Attraction and is allowed to have the "white on brown" tourism signs erected to show its location. The first stage was officially unveiled on Sunday 29 August 1998 during Sir Donald Bradman's 90th birthday celebrations.

A life-sized statue of Sir Donald Bradman in typical cover drive stance was prepared & cast by Sculptor Carl Valerius and unveiled as part of Sir Donald's 92nd Birthday Celebrations in August 2000, and takes pride of place in Jubilee Park. To coincide with Bradman's 100th Birthday on 27/8/2008 the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio in Sydney was commissioned to complete 30 busts, and they were officially unveiled on the day of the 100th celebrations.  


Cootamundra Shire Council is proud to advise that Stephen Waugh, Mark Taylor and Arthur Morris have accepted invitations to be patrons of "The Captains' Walk".  


The walk is located in the picturesque, tree-lined Jubilee Park, Wallendoon Street, Cootamundra, where visitors can enjoy the tranquil setting of the park while taking in the beauty of the Captains' Walk.


Jubilee Park is one of the most picturesque parks in Cootamundra attracting substantial visitors in its own right. It has a number of gardens, including several raised garden beds that provide the perfect backdrop for the Captains' Walk, especially the Barry Antaw Native Gardens. A number of bench seats have been provided along the path to allow visitors the opportunity to sit and relax and to simply "soak up" the beauty of the park and walk. Lighting Security lighting has been installed along to whole of the walk to ensure that all busts are illuminated in some way during the night and to allow visitors to visit at night. A number of the more prominent busts, especially the current captain and the life-sized sculpture of Sir Donald Bradman have specific lighting installed to illuminate them specifically. 

The Australian Cricket Board has endorsed the Captains' Walk. The Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander Commission (ATSIC) donated the bust of Johnny Mullagh the leading aboriginal in the first team to tour England in 1868. Sponsorship is being sought for the remainder of the test Captains, any information may be obtained by contacting the Cootamundra Shire Council.  

Full list of Australian Cricket Captains



Brochure on The Captains walk

Captain Profiles

Ashes Flyer (PDF 1.47MB)

Warwick Armstrong (PDF 274KB)

Warren Bardsley (PDF 237KB)

Jack Blackham (PDF 268KB)

Donald Bradman (PDF 294KB)

Bill Brown (PDF 254KB)

Herbie Collins (PDF 296KB)

Ian Craig (PDF 286KB)

Joe Darling (PDF 288KB)

George Giffen (PDF 379KB)

Adam Gilchrist (PDF 259KB)

David Gregory (PDF 318KB)

Hugh Hamon (PDF 300KB)

Neil Harvey (PDF 273KB)

Lindsay Hassett (PDF 316KB)

Clem Hill (PDF 233KB)

Tom Horan (PDF 330KB)

Kim Hughes (PDF 352KB)

Barry Jarman (PDF 286KB)

Ian Johnson (PDF 329KB)

Ray Lindwall (PDF 271KB)

Percy McDonell (PDF 332KB)

Monty Noble (PDF 296KB)

Ricky Ponting (PDF 270KB)

Vic Richardson (PDF 262KB)

Jack Ryder (PDF 270KB)

Tup Scott (PDF 217KB)

Harry Trott (PDF 256KB)

Hugh Trumble (PDF 305KB)

Bill Woodfull (PDF 252KB)

Graeme Yallop (PDF 284KB)